chuukcoll.JPG (509802 bytes)   Chuukatoke is a lengendary Ewok warrior.  He is a frighteningly imposing figure among Ewoks standing a head taller than most.  Few Ewoks have the courage to stand against him.  The mere sight of his trademark gleaming eyes and huge sword, has been known to cause entire armies to break and retreat.   Sculpey
Wicket's hat and spears
Dexter Jettster knives
Dragonheart shield
deekcoll.JPG (343321 bytes)    Deek is a timmid Ewok scout.   He is a valuable asset to his tribe, often warning his village or fellow fighters of approaching danger. Pure Sculpey
trinkcoll.JPG (342446 bytes)   Trinket is a sharp Ewok tracker.  He is relentless in persuit and can find anything or any creature.  He prides himself on never losing a target, once he's gotten onto it's trail. Sculpey
Original Luke's accention gun
utacoll.JPG (400048 bytes)   The read-headed Ewok, Uta is a brave and loyal soldier.  He is also a key strategist in battles, and an architect in peacetime. Body: Teebo
Hat: Logray?
dabircoll.JPG (300770 bytes)   Dabir, is said to be one of the wisest of Ewoks.  Short in stature for a grown Ewok, Dabir still is as cunning and courageous as Ewoks come.  He travels the moon of Endor exploring and teaching many tribes.  He is fluent in the Basic toungue of humans as well as many tribal languages.  And often serves as the go-between for Ewoks and offworlders. Everything Wicket

Tunic: Rag