grommandstitch.JPG (290169 bytes) Gromm and Stitch are a duo of Wookie adventurers who left their homeplanet to travel the galaxy and find a life of adventure amongst the stars.  They often get more than they bargained for. Mechanic Chewie and Hoth Chewie (heads swapped)
gromm.JPG (337092 bytes) Gromm, my fan fiction Wookie Adventurer/Gambler.  He is a large Wookie less than two centuries old and can understand but not speak basic.  He respects no person over another, and harbors a violent hatred for the enslaving Empire.  Along with his partner Stitch he scours the galaxy looking for adventure and high-stakes Sabacc games.  His wild sense of adventure often lands himself and his his wary friend into trouble. Head:  Hoth Chewie
Body/Arms/Legs: POTJ Chewie Mechanic
Blasters:  Stormtrooper
stitch.JPG (357701 bytes) Stitch, my fan fiction Wookie adventurer/traveller.  His gray flecks of hair show his wisdom and his very short stature is quite deceptive.  He is laid-back yet catious Wookie who constantly finds himself hard at work trying to keep himself and his younger partner out of trouble.  Trouble usually caused by his best friend's antics.   Head:  POTJ Chewie Mechanic
Body/Arms/Legs:  Hoth Chewie
Vibro-axe:  Skiff Guard  
calreepa.JPG (139123 bytes) Cal Reepa is my fan fiction Podaracer pilot.  Made off of the cheat character Cy Yunga from the N64 game EP1 Podracer. Head and Neck:  Sculpted
Body: Ody Mandrell
Arms: Sebilba   Hands: Mandrell
Legs: Mandrell(shortened)
quarrencollage.JPG (132488 bytes) My fan fiction Quarren character.   Was once the Captain of the Guard of a major quarren city.  Became a mercenary after being expelled from his homeworld Mon Calamarii in a frame-up due to his objections to the Quarren aid to the Empire. Head: Tessek (+sculpy)
Body and Arms: Tessek
Legs: JP3 General
Poncho: Tatooine accessory set   Vest: Commtech Han